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Thermodynamic Solar Panels
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Thermodynamic Panels

Thermodynamic Heating Systems use panels that produce heat instead of electricity. They are a very effiecient way of providing hot water all year round, both day and night and can reduce your heat related energy bill by up to 80%. They do not rely on the sun since they take latent energy from the ambient surroundings, and so are a perfect solution for the UK climate.

They take up very little space since typically (for a residential property) only one or two panels are required to provide hot water, and four to six panels will provide your central heating. They can be fitted to either the roof or any external wall.

They heat water up to about 55°C which is ideal for sanitary hot water and underfloor heating. For central heating your existing boiler will 'top up' the heat to a slightly higher temperature when required, but the thermodynamic panels do most of the work.

They are also ideally suited to heating up a swimming pool.

Larger commercial properties have been using this technology for a while, and now it is becoming popular for residential use too.

How Do They Work?

The simple common analogy is to think of a thermodynamic panel as a fridge/freezer in reverse:

  1. The panels contain a NON-TOXIC refrigerant that is kind to the environment which circulates around at -22°C and absorbs ambient energy from the surroundings, even during the winter when the temperature is below 0°C.
  2. The absorbed energy expands into a gas which is then pressurised by a compressor to increase the tremperature further.
  3. The hot gas then passes through a heat exchanger which transfers the heat energy into the water cylinder ready for use. The gas then condenses back to a liquid state.
  4. The liquid refrigerant is then diverted back to the panel to repeat the process again.
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Thermodynamic panels are relatively easy to install. They are both small and lightweight (smaller then a Solar PV panel). They do not require direct sunlight so can be installed on any wall if there is no roof space available. The compressor and heat exchanger can usually be incorporated into your existing heating system to keep the initial cost low.
A residential system can typically be installed in a day.

In Summary

  • Efficient at creating heat energy and can be 80% cheaper than fuelling a gas boiler.
  • Economical to install and run.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Good for the environment.

If you think that a Thermodynamic Heating System would be of interest to you then please Contact Us for more information.







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