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Solar Panel Technology
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Solar Energy

The sun is an incredibly powerful source of energy, and there can be up to 1000 Watts of energy hitting the earths surface per square metre at high noon. This energy arrives as infrared, ultra-violet and visible light. Converting just a fraction of this into usable power can provide us with a limitless clean source of energy, and recent improvements in solar technologies have enabled this to become a viable option both for residentual and commercial use.

The two most common ways that we produce energy from solar are:

  • Solar PV (Solar Photo Voltaic) - this converts sunlight into electricity.
  • Solar Thermal - takes heat from the sun and uses it to heat water.

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How can solar technology benefit us all?

  • Your energy bills will be reduce.
  • The government have introduced financial incentives to make solar a good investment.
  • Solar energy is an everlasting natural source of energy.
  • Since less power stations will be needed then CO₂ emmissions and other pollutants will be ruduced, which will help the UK to hit its carbon emission reduction targets.
  • The UK will become a 'cleaner' and 'greener' nation.

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