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Solar Thermal Panels
Play your part in reducing the UK carbon footprint.

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal technology use a type of solar panels, called a collectors, to heat your hot water. They can typically provide up to 75% of your hot water demand throughout the year (up to 90% during the summer months). Even during the colder months it will still generate some heat to reduce the demand on your gas boiler (or other boiler), and hence reduce your energy bills.

Solar Thermal System

What are the benefits of using a solar thermal system?

  • Will provide you with hot water all year round.
  • Your energy bills will be reduced and it can provide about 75% of your hot water costs.
  • The government have introduced financial incentives to make solar a good investment.
  • Solar energy is an everlasting natural source of energy.
  • Can be fitted on a small roof space (or even a wall) as usually only one or two panels are needed.

As with Solar PV, Solar Thermal panels will be fitted by our fully approved and MCS registered installers.


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