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Solar PV Panels
Play your part in reducing the UK carbon footprint.

Solar PV (Photovoltaic)

Solar PV systems use the latest in solar cell technology to convert sunlight into electricity . You can use this free electricity to power your property, which will then reduce your energy bills.
The government backed Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) will also pay you an incentive for having solar panels, based on the amount of electricity produced and regardless of how much is used. A second incentive, called the Export Tariff, will earn you an additional income for all the unused electricity (estimated at 50% of produced electricity) that gets fed back into the national grid. These combined incentives, that will run for 20 years, will not only pay for the cost of the Solar PV system but will generate much more than this to provide a stable income, making it a very good 'win-win' return on investment.
After 20 years the tariff will stop, but you will still carry on benefiting from the free electricity produced to reduce your energy bills. The solar panels themselves are usually guaranteed for 25 years, depending on manufacturer.

Solar PV panels can be installed on almost any roof (East, South or West facing), both on traditional sloping roofs or flat roofs. Planning permission is not needed for residential systems up to 4KW in size (usually 16 panels), but may be required for larger or commercial systems.

Solar PV systems will only generate electricity during daylight hours but you can maximise the benefits by being 'smart' with your power usage. For example, using your washing machine during the daytime instead of the evening will make better use of the free electricity. Electronic timer switches can also be employed to control the times that appliances are used.

Benefits Summary:

  • Your energy bills are substantially reduced.
  • Government incentives give you guaranteed impressive returns on your investment.
  • Solar energy is an everlasting natural source of energy.
  • Your property can become more desirable with added value.
  • Your CO₂ emmissions will be ruduced, which will help reduce the UK carbon footprint.

Pure Energy will use only approved installers who are MCS accredited (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) to make sure that system is installed to strict government standards. All parts of the system (panels, inverter etc.) will also be approved products to give you trouble-free use for many years.

System Components:

  1. Solar PV panels - These collect the solar energy and convert it into DC electrical power.
  2. Mounting rails - The solar panels are fixed to this rail, which can be fixed to the roof without drilling through tiles.
  3. Inverter - Converts the DC electricity into AC which can power your home.
  4. Isolator switches - for your electrical safety.
  5. Monitoring meters - can be wireless to enable you to monitor your system performance from any room.
Solar PV System


Is your property suitable?

Houses come in all shapes and sizes. One of our team can give you a call and do a free remote appraisal of your property using our professional software. This will give an estimate of how many panels can be fitted to your roof, the cost of the system and expected annual performance and savings. There is no commitment by you at this stage as we want to make sure that your property is suitable, and will do a more indepth technical survey of your property in person if you are interested to proceed.

The next step.

We will send you the annual performance breakdown along with brochures and datasheets of the system components that you choose. If you are happy with things so far then the next step will be for one of our experienced advisors to visit your house and give you a full presentation, again without any commitment from you at this stage. You will also be given finance options if you can't afford to pay in cash.

If everything is to your satisfaction then we will arrange an installation date, which can usually be completed in one day.

Call us on 01302 802090 or fill in the request form on the Contact Us page.







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MCS approved
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