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Heat Pumps
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Heat Pumps

There are two types of heat pumps commonly used; Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) and Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP). They are essentially the same as Thermodynamic Panels, in that they use a refrigerant to take energy out of the surroundings to convert into usable heat for any property, large or small.

Heat pumps provide either hot air or can supply all your hot water needs, including underfloor heating. They can also be used in reverse to cool or ventilate a room by taking heat away.

Heat pump technology has been around for many years and so they are a reliable energy source. They are suitable for any size propery, from small dwellings to large commercial spaces.

Heat Pumps are around 300% to 400% efficient, meaning that for every 1KW of power needed to run the system (i.e. electricity to power the compressor and pump) they will produce 3 to 4KW of useful energy.

All Heat Pumps qualify for the government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme that will provide you with a great financial incentive too.

Heat Pump Diagram

Lets us look at the different types of heat pumps:

1) Air to Air Heat Pumps

These can air condition spaces within a property by blowing either hot or cold air around. This air is often filtered and purified which is useful for allergy sufferers. The air temperature can usually be altered by remote control for ease of use.

2) Air to Water Heat Pumps

These use the converted ambient energy to heat water, which can be used for both central heating and hot water requirements. As with regular heating systems the hot water is stored in a storage cylinder for use as needed. It can also supply underfloor heating if needed.

3) Ground Source Heat Pumps

Instead of taking energy out of the air these will absorb heat energy from the earth, using pipes that are buried underground. These pipes are fed into the compressor which then starts the heat pump process. Ground source is suitable for providing all hot water and heating requirements for any size property.


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